The Anthology has Arrived

Long-awaited and much anticipated, the anthology including my short story, In the Yellow of the Moon, has finally arrived!

In the Yellow of the Moon is a short story that follows Georgie, a young woman intent on giving those in need alternatives so they won’t be reliant on a pharmaceutical company that may actually be killing them more than it’s helping. Taking place on a post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2165, this short story was written for inclusion in the anthology Apocrypha Files: From the Ashes, Rise.

The anthology is now available on as a hardcover, paperback, or ebook. Get your copy and read Georgie’s story along with fourteen other thrilling, daring, heart-wrenching, and inspiring short stories, all taking place on the same post-apocalyptic Earth.

2 thoughts on “The Anthology has Arrived

  1. Christa says:

    Just finished this anthology! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end and found each story unique but the work as a whole, cohesive.

    Your story was a breath of fresh air in this anthology, providing a story of hope and human resilience amidst post apocalyptic chaos.

    Loved it!

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